Services at a glance

I offer my professional services for the language pairs English-German, German-English and French-German, working on the basis of my sound academic education:

  • Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting in English and French
  • Certified translator and interpreter
  • Maîtrise “Langues étrangères appliquées”
  • Bachelor of Arts “Languages and Business Studies”

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Simultaneous interpreting

The interpretation is provided simultaneously with your speech. This is the best-suited interpreting mode for larger audiences.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpretation is provided subsequently to your speech. This mode of interpreting is suitable for a range of occasions.

Bilateral interpreting

This mode of interpreting enables communication in direct encounters, for instance in negotiations or face-to-face talks.


A great deal of work goes into the preparation of most texts to make sure they reach their audience. I will apply the same care to your translation.

Organisation & consultancy

I am happy to assist you when you need to put together a larger interpreting team covering several languages and when it comes to selecting the right technical equipment.

Contact me

You still have questions left? Drop me a line or get in touch by phone.