Outstanding proficiency in English, French and German is fundamental to my work as a conference interpreter and translator. Thorough preparation on the subject matter of every new assignment and my personal expertise in business, quality and environment management are success factors for multi-lingual communication. You will find more details on my work over the next pages. Do you still have questions? Please get in touch with me for professional advice without further obligations.

Simultaneous interpreting

Congresses, conferences, meetings, panel discussions – I make sure your communication works. Not just in Cologne, but anywhere in Germany or even abroad. I provide simultaneous interpreting services from English or French into German and from German into English.

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Consecutive interpreting
For speeches in a smaller, more familiar setting with an audience that speaks different languages.

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Specialised translations

For your written professional communication on business, ecological and quality management matters.

I will also translate the announcements, agenda or any other conference documents in the run-up to your event.

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Bilateral interpreting

For meetings involving direct contact, when it’s the immediate exchange that counts – e.g. in contract negotiations.

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